NESTs: An appraisal system analysis of their reasons to immigrate to Mexico



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“The word NEST means native English speaking teacher. This concept is usually used as opposed to non-NEST. According to Medyes (1992), in ELT “native-and non-native-speaking teachers reveal considerable differences in their teaching behavior” (p. 340). This is an investigation that aims to show NESTs’ reasons to immigrate to Mexico through an appraisal lens (Martin and White, 2005). The importance of this research is based on the immigration phenomenon (Suarez-Orozco, 2001, 2003) that has been taking place all over the world. This study consists of five main sections. The first chapter provides the reader with an overview of the research project, and outlines the thesis. The second chapter presents the literature review which describes topics relevant to the research such as: immigration, native English teachers and Appraisal System Analysis. The third chapter deals with the methodology process: the data gathering process, the participants, the context and the data analysis. In the fourth chapter, we can find the description of the results of the analysis; the interpretation of the results will be presented in that chapter of the research too. And finally, chapter five presents the conclusions of the investigation; here you can find the answer to the research questions, the limitations of the study and the conclusions we can draw from.”

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October, 2015

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Master thesis






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Repositorio Institucional de Acceso Abierto RIAA-BUAP




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