The application of inclusive design approach in the conceptual design of mechatronic products and reconfigurable manufacturing systems



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In the current rapidly ageing world, there is no commercial or social sense to design, develop or attempt to market products and services whose usability is unnecessarily, challenging to people, whether they be young or old, able-bodied or less able. There is the need to design and develop products with some functional capabilities that fulfill the needs of the widest possible population. This thesis is a research of how the inclusive design concepts can be applied and integrated in the process of product planning and its conceptual design. The methodology consists of a series of methods, considerations and activities that must be undertaken to perform a good design focusing on disabled people with the help of useful tools of the inclusive design. In addition, in this thesis is given a methodology for incorporating inclusive design concepts in reconfigurable manufacturing systems to enhance their key characteristics with the focus on a user centered approach, considering fully able users. The methodology comprehends an evaluation system for a FMS and the proposal to improve the system oriented to users. This thesis represents the use of wireless sensor technology to improve the assistive characteristics of products in the first part of mechatronic product design; and the addition of automation characteristics to the reconfigurable manufacturing systems to improve the system features and provide a better customization to users. Two case studies are developed in this thesis; the first one is the conceptual design of three mechatronic products and their improved capabilities with inclusive design. Then, a second case study with the addition of inclusive design to a existing manufacturing cell to achieve reconfigurability and improve its characteristics with the inclusive design approach.

Maestro en Ciencias Especialidad en Sistemas de Manufactura


Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey

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December 1, 2004

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Master thesis

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Repositorio Institucional del Tecnológico de Monterrey




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