Catalytic Steam Gasification of Glucose for Hydrogen Production Using Stable Based Ni on a γ–Alumina Fluidizable Catalyst



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Six different Ni-based fluidizable catalysts were synthesized using both incipient impregnation and co-

impregnation. Ni-based catalysts were also promoted with 2.0 wt% La or alternatively with 2 wt% Ce. The

preparation procedure included catalysts treated at high temperatures and under free of oxygen conditions.

Catalysts were characterized using BET, XRD, AA, PSD, TPR, TPD, H2-chemisorption. TPR and H2 chemisorp-tion showed good metal dispersion with 10 nm- 40 nm metal crystallites.

Glucose catalytic gasification runs were performed in a CREC Riser Simulator to evaluate the following cata-

lysts: (a) 5 %Ni/γ-Al2O3, (b) 5 %Ni-2 %La/γ-Al2O3 and (c) 5 %Ni-2 %Ce/γ-Al2O3. In all cases, the preparation

steps involved acid solutions with pHs of 1 and 4. In between consecutive runs, different approaches were

considered: (a) A catalyst was regenerated by air, (b) A catalyst was regenerated by air followed by hydrogen

pretreatment, (c) A catalyst was reused directly without any regeneration or hydrogen pretreatment. It was

observed that Ni-based catalysts, which were subjected after every run, to both, air regeneration and hydro-

gen pretreatment, displayed the best yields in close agreement with thermodynamic equilibrium. On the other

hand, Ni-based catalysts regenerated with air only, showed the worst hydrogen yields. In between these two-

hydrogen yield limits, where catalysts not contacted with air nor hydrogen, with these yields being moderately

below chemical equilibrium.

This shows that Ni-based fluidizable catalysts can perform on stream for extended periods, requiring limited

reactivation with air and H2. This makes of gasification using the catalysts of the present study, a viable process alternative that could be implemented at industrial scale.

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