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The destiny of the hero: The sacrifice of his feminine sensitivity

Sandra Adriana Leal Larrarte (2016)

This article explores the presence of female sensitivity comic book heroes and the star at the soap opera Betty La Fea, considered as an example of the Latin hero. How these this sensitivity must sacrifice in favor of their heroic destiny, which has male characteristics is analyzed. With this interpretive hypothesis that links gender considerations with the structure of the patriarchal system, applying to Campbell (1972), Moreno and Nieto (2002) and Greimas (1980) in the process is proposed. The research is based on viewing movies and comics Spiderman, Superman, X-Man and Batman, as well as chapters of the Colombian soap opera, issued in 1995. Its contents are discussed from an semioanthropological point of view with in order to interpret the symbolic values and rituals they update.



Sacrifice hero gender patriarchy woman comic soap opera Sacrificio héroe género patriarcado mujer cómic telenovela CIENCIAS SOCIALES CIENCIAS SOCIALES