Design tool based in biomimicry methodology


Diana Montoya Cabanillas

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Open Access

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Innovation has always been a concern for any designer. In this research

project, an approach to develop a product drives the experience to a

different level. The study of natural features from the perspective of the

Biomimicry methodology is presented. The work’s contribution can be of

relevant impact to the design processes.

Biomimicry methodology considers a series of steps: it starts by performing a

research throughout nature, then continues with observation and

experimentation. Once this has been accomplished, it considers the

analysis and processing of information, followed by abstraction and

conceptualization of ideas. Finally, the result is often the application of

innovations in technology.

In this study natural models are explored from the perspective of the

biomimicry methodology, specifically roots systems from terrestrial plants.

The exploratory work led to the extraction of principles, functions, and forms

from roots. These were then comprised into a table considered as a design

tool for generation of ideas as well as methodology to use it. An

application is demonstrated through a case study. In the last chapters a

discussion of the use of this design tool for other problems is presented.


Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey

Publish date

December 1, 2009

Publication type

Master thesis

Information Resource





Source repository

Repositorio Institucional del Tecnológico de Monterrey




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