Remote manufacturing using distributed systems


Luis Carlos Trasfí Covarrubias

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Globalization is a trend for companies to expand markets and seeks to have a global dimension that surpasses national borders. It is necessary to promote the development of communication and transport which involves the interconnection of decentralized networks computers connected to the manipulation of different machines with a world scope.

So that it exists decentralized interconnection of networks of computer for the manipulation of different machines and the realization of modular and reconfigurable of manufacture systems can be worked using open control systems and distributed systems.

An Open System has the capacity to program and to work with the software in several different platforms. Distributed systems consist of shared heterogeneous resources that are based on different platforms, architectures of hardware, software and programming languages in different places and belonging to a network that uses a publicly available specification for achieving a specific task.

This thesis work consists on a mechanism used by standard middleware software for building object-oriented client–server applications in C++ language, on Windows operating System, on low cost commercial equipment communicating using TCP/IP protocol. This mechanism has two dedicated servers: one for video capturing and the other for the movement, speed and direction of axes. Furthermore each server has different application service that can be communicated independently in order to send specific information that can be added depending on the customer requirements.

The results obtained with the set of experiments demonstrate that the low cost commercial equipment with communication to a computer has the advantage to have the vision for the manufacture of a piece by the communication with a computer, besides getting the control of the movement of the different machine axes. This application can be used in heterogeneous environments that access a remote object as accessing an ordinary, local C++ object. The main goal for using a distributed system is to show the transparency, openness, reliability, performance and scalability.


Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey

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December 1, 2009

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Master thesis

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Repositorio Institucional del Tecnológico de Monterrey




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