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Phthalates in the diet of Mexican children of school age. Risk analysis


Artículo científico

Phthalates are widely used as plasticizers, additives, or solvents. Its extensive use has generated environmental and food contamination, which implies continuous population exposure. The aim of this work was to determine the probability of health risk of Mexican children exposed to phthalates through the consumption of contaminated food. A survey was applied to 384 Mexican school-age children (between 6 and 12 years old), to find out the type of food they eat most frequently, based on this, a research was made to know the concentration of phthalates contained in these foods. The daily intake had been calculated with the concentration of phthalates reported in food, obtaining: DEHP (19.50 μg/kg body weight/day), DnBP (5.52 μg/kg body weight/day) y for DEP (1.12 μg/kg body weight/day). The hazard index (HI) for DEP y DEHP was 0.49 to 42.5 for internal organs damage reported. HI for reproductive health damage due to exposure to DnBT and DEHP was of 0.04 to 5.58, so that there is a high probability that children’s health is at risk. Therefore, it is necessary to a quantitative analysis of phthalates in food consumed in Latin American countries and establish the TDI of phthalates especially, to DEHP, which was obtained the higher HI.

Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México


Food exposure Diethyl phthalate Dibutyl phthalate Di-2 ethyl hexyl-phthalate Children’s Health hazard index BIOLOGÍA Y QUÍMICA

Soap opera and gender in Colombia

Armando Ramírez Murcia (2021)

This article approaches the construction of the feminine representations -from a gender perspective- in the Colombian soap opera field, which as a cultural format has reached the frontier of the Latin-American identity. A historical tracking of how the characterization of the feminine in the national tele drama answers some logics in which the social rights and the self-portraits work as a synergy, pushed more from the feminine routine than from “favors” or political revendications staged in the media. This will allow us to locate in a given space the gender-identity problem, and at the same time it will enable to have a look at the incidence reached by the battles between men and women in the cultural-mediatized products. Which are the transformations of the feminine in the mediatized culture and how they appear there? What places take on contemporary social transformations?



Gender representation soap opera social transformations actantial roles Género representación telenovela transformaciones sociales roles actanciales CIENCIAS SOCIALES CIENCIAS SOCIALES

Exclusion and violence: Outstanding debts for the achievement of peace. The case of human trafficking

Dora Elvira García-González (2021)

This paper reflects critically on atrocities caused by violence in a variety of examples which are near us and showed in different kinds of exclusion. These, exclusion and violence are frequently not visualized because we do not pay attention to them, or simply we do not want to see. From there, we think critically about political expressions that affects people leaving them defenseless and at the crime destiny, as we can appreciate in women trafficking. It is urgent to visualize those violence ways and to glimpse the scope of peace.



Exclusion violence women trafficking peace Exclusión violencia trata de mujeres paz CIENCIAS SOCIALES CIENCIAS SOCIALES

Un acercamiento a la violencia en Guerrero desde el proceso civilizatorio.

SILVESTRE LICEA DORANTES Dulce María Quintero Romero (2019)

Can the behavior of the political class socialize criminal conduct? Through the civilizational approach, Norbert Elias provides the theoretical tools to positively establish this relationship.The degree of monopolization of violence in the state of Guerrero and political interdependence result in be haviors of the political class that are susceptible to socialization.


Violence political class civilization process State of Guerrero CIENCIAS SOCIALES CIENCIA POLÍTICA CIENCIAS POLÍTICAS

Outraged bodies and in absence. Ciudad Juarez crimes in Roberto Bolaño’s narrative and Marjorie Agosín’s poetry

Ana Quilarque Daniuska González (2016)

This article builds up a view of violence to crimes against women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, from narrative and poetical representation of two Chilean authors, Roberto Bolaño and Marjorie Agosín. In this sense, it focuses on the female body as a space traversed by practices of power, horror and impunity



Crimes against women Ciudad Juarez violence Bolaño Agosín Crímenes de mujeres Ciudad Juárez violencia HUMANIDADES Y CIENCIAS DE LA CONDUCTA HUMANIDADES Y CIENCIAS DE LA CONDUCTA

De violencia y privatizaciones en México: el caso de las asociaciones público-privadas en el sector penitenciario.

Alberto Espejel Espinoza Mariela Díaz Sandoval (2015)

The purpose of this article is to explore and identify the characteristics of PPPs in the pri son sector. We argue that it is a new modality to privatize key sectors without representing benefits for prisoners. In addition, PPPs have involved a large outlay where conflicts of in terest, corruption and opacity go together. We conclude by arguing that the privatization of

the repressive state apparatus in any way con tribute to reducing violence in the country.


Violence privatization public-private partnership, jail sector corruption CIENCIAS SOCIALES CIENCIA POLÍTICA CIENCIAS POLÍTICAS

The destiny of the hero: The sacrifice of his feminine sensitivity

Sandra Adriana Leal Larrarte (2016)

This article explores the presence of female sensitivity comic book heroes and the star at the soap opera Betty La Fea, considered as an example of the Latin hero. How these this sensitivity must sacrifice in favor of their heroic destiny, which has male characteristics is analyzed. With this interpretive hypothesis that links gender considerations with the structure of the patriarchal system, applying to Campbell (1972), Moreno and Nieto (2002) and Greimas (1980) in the process is proposed. The research is based on viewing movies and comics Spiderman, Superman, X-Man and Batman, as well as chapters of the Colombian soap opera, issued in 1995. Its contents are discussed from an semioanthropological point of view with in order to interpret the symbolic values and rituals they update.



Sacrifice hero gender patriarchy woman comic soap opera Sacrificio héroe género patriarcado mujer cómic telenovela CIENCIAS SOCIALES CIENCIAS SOCIALES

Soledad en el curso de vida de las mujeres mayores en México y España

Loneliness during life of older woman in Mexico and Spain

Sagrario Garay Villegas (2021)

ROSA MARÍA FLORES MARTÍNEZ Doctora en Filosofía con orientación en Trabajo Social y Políticas Comparadas de Bienestar Social por la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL). Exbecaria de la Secretaría General Iberoamericana (Segib)–Fundación Carolina. Es profesora e investigadora en la Facultad de Trabajo Social y Desarrollo Humano de la UANL. Sus líneas de investigación son política social, calidad de vida, envejecimiento y vejez, redes de apoyo social, género y familia.-- SAGRARIO GARAY VILLEGAS Licenciada y maestra en Economía por la Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. Doctora en Estudios de Población por El Colegio de México. Fue coordinadora de la Red de Envejecimiento de la Asociación Latinoamericana de Población del 2010 al 2011 y Secretaria General de esa misma asociación durante el periodo 2017-2018. Ha coordinado diversos proyectos con financiamiento nacional e internacional. Sus líneas de investigación son familia, género, envejecimiento y redes de apoyo sociales. Es miembro del Sistema Nacional de Investigadores, Nivel II.

Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México


Soledad Vejez Transiciones Curso de vida Género Loneliness Old age Transitions Life course Gender CIENCIAS SOCIALES

La percepción de la violencia en la ciudad de Acapulco. Una mirada de los estudiantes de la Escuela Superior de Psicología de la Universidad Autónoma de Guerrero


The city of Acapulco is considered the second most violent in the world; only surpassed by Tijuana, Baja California, since, in recent years, very high homicide rates have been recorded as a result of the organized crime that operates in this Guerrero city. The phenomenon of violence has permeated in most of the spaces of the inhabitants of the city, despite the different strategies undertaken by the federal, state and local government that seek to address this social problem; it has reached levels that are unprecedented in national history and has disrupted the daily life of the Acapulqueña population, which suffers diverse psychosocial effects; among those who emphasize anxiety, stress and fear. The purpose of this investigation was to identify how violence occurs in the city of Acapulco, Guerrero

Book part

social mapping perception workshop violence cartografía social percepción violencia CIENCIAS SOCIALES GEOGRAFÍA GEOGRAFÍA ECONÓMICA

Student profile Not involved in bullying: description based on gender stereotypes,parenting practices, cognitive-social strategies and food over-intake

BRENDA MENDOZA GONZALEZ Itzel Delgado Nieto Mercedes Atenas García Mandujano (2020)

Artículo publicado en anales de psicología. El objetivo de la investigación es identificar las características del alumnado que no participa en episodios de bullying (denominados no involucrados), en función de estereotipos de género, crianza; actitudes y estrategias cognitivas sociales y sobre-ingesta alimentaria. En el estudio participaron 1190 alumnos de educación básica.

The objective of the research is to identify the characteristics of students who do not participate in bullying episodes (called “not in-volved”), in function of gender stereotypes, parenting styles; attitudes and social cognitive strategies and food intake. The study involved 1190 ele-mentary school students, from eleven public schools in the State of Mexi-co, Mexico. Quantitative research, with descriptive study and cross-sectional design. Data were collected from five instruments that measure the study variables: bullying, gender stereotypes, parenting styles, social cognitive strategies, food intake. The results identified five types of stu-dents (victims of school violence; victims of bullying; bully; double role and not involved), the contrasts for one-way ANOVA of a factor, identi-fied significant differences in the groups with respect to each of the varia-bles studied. It is concluded that students who do not engage in bullying episodes (not involved), have more health habits, more social skills that fa-cilitate adaptation to the social context, without identifying with traditional stereotypes such as traditional feminine and machismo. With regard to parenting, it is identified that they are not educated through ineffective parenting practices such as abuse. The results of this study describe defin-ing characteristics of students who do not engage in bullying episodes, which will be very useful for the development of prevention and interven-tion programs


Parenting Violence Bullying Sexual Stereotype CIENCIAS SOCIALES