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Complications in pregnant women with autoimmune diseases

José Meneses Calderón Jazmín Meneses Figueroa María Isabel Ospina Alzate Irma Socorro González Sánchez Hugo Mendieta Zerón (2020)

BACKGROUND: Autoimmune diseases complicate pregnancy in several manners. This study aimed at describing the most common complications in pregnant women with autoimmune diseases. METHODS: This was a descriptive and retrospective study. Two groups of pregnant women with autoimmune diseases were included: 1) Those who since the beginning of gestation received obstetrical care at a tertiary-level hospital and 2) Women who were treated first in a medical unit not specialized in rheumatological diseases. Odds ratio, logistic regression and multinomial logistic regression were used to determine risk of complicated pregnancy. RESULTS: The distribution of autoimmune diseases in our sample is as follows: systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE): 6, rheumatoid arthritis (RA): 4, primary anti-phospholipid syndrome (APS): 4, systemic sclerosis (SS): 2, mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD): 1. Eight patients were seen throughout their gestation at a tertiary-level hospital and nine were referred from other non-specialized hospitals. Patients in the first group had four complications, and those of the second group, 28. The Odds Ratio (OR) of having a complication in the hospitals of reference compared to the “Mónica Pretelini Sáenz” Maternal-Perinatal Hospital (HMPMPS) was of 29.8 (95% CI: 1.29-692.46; Z statistic 2.11, p = 0.03). In relation to the logistic regression, this test was not significant neither for the group nor the treatment scheme for the presence of at least one complication. The multinomial logistic regression did not show significant predictive probabilities of the different possible outcomes for the group and drug treatment scheme. CONCLUSION: Pregnant women with autoimmune diseases can have an OR up to 29.8 to develop complications when they are not cared for by specialized personnel.


Complications Pregnant women Autoimmune diseases MEDICINA Y CIENCIAS DE LA SALUD

Indigenous women, government and community: Tarahumara women in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua

Martha Estela Pérez María Isabel Escalona (2016)

The situation of indigenous women in Chihuahua is characterized by marginalization, poverty, and inequality. For this reason, some indigenous members of the Rarámuri community are forced to migrate with their families to the major cities of the state in order to satisfy their most basic needs. In the indigenous community settled in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, we find that the community´s government is administered and regulated by women, a role that has been traditionally assigned to men. The purpose of this article is to approach women›s participation in the Tarahumara´s government at Ciudad Juarez in order to understand their role as government officials, political leadership, and the methods they use to solve the community´s problem. In order to accomplish our objective, we interviewed female government representatives of the Tarahumara community in Ciudad Juarez. The results of this research showed two significant issues: the extreme vulnerability in which the indigenous people live in the urban environment and the strategies women use, attached to the gender role, to maintain order, leadership, and improve the quality of life of their community.



Gender indigenous community women government Género indígena comunidad mujer gobierno CIENCIAS SOCIALES CIENCIAS SOCIALES

The fallen woman’s image in some mexican literature’s works

Martha Elena Munguía Zatarain (2021)

This paper is a review of the ways in which the image of the fallen woman with evident religious reminiscences has been developed throughout the nineteenth century in Mexican literature. Texts by Payno, Vicente Riva Palacio, Rafael Delgado, Tablada, among others, make up the corpus for this work, which discusses how concerns of social nature seep into the literature and how often it become a drift toward moral and condemning perspectives of the prostituted woman. At all times, this essay attempts to rebuild the controversial dialogue that was held between the verbal art and the profuse scientific and moral discourse of that time by tracking the reminiscences of this image in some of the works of the twentieth century.




Indigenous women as rural domestic workers: Social exclusion in the urban area of Mérida Yucatán

Rebelín Echeverría Echeverría (2021)

This article analyzes the situation of social exclusion that rural indigenous women domestic workers currently living in the urban area of Merida, Yucatán. This analysis discusses the status of that group considering social exclusion on three basic aspects: cultural exclusion, economic exclusion and exclusion rights. The methodology of this study is qualitative interpretive phenomenological with semi structured interview technique. At the time, participated 12 rural indigenous women household per day (input output) employed. How to be a woman is discussed, being indigenous and domestic worker brings cumulative disadvantages in contemporary society.



Women indigenous domestic work social exclusion Mujeres indígenas trabajo doméstico exclusión social CIENCIAS SOCIALES CIENCIAS SOCIALES

One characterization women political today: A Mexico city research

Anna María Fernández Poncela (2021)

This is the perceptions and opinions reviews of the population of Mexico city about women candidates and politicians. It’s a look from the citizenship through a survey on the point. The results indicate a rupture or questioning of some stereotypes.



Perceptions opinions candidates women political México city Percepciones opiniones candidatas políticas ciudad de México CIENCIAS SOCIALES CIENCIAS SOCIALES

Exclusion and violence: Outstanding debts for the achievement of peace. The case of human trafficking

Dora Elvira García-González (2021)

This paper reflects critically on atrocities caused by violence in a variety of examples which are near us and showed in different kinds of exclusion. These, exclusion and violence are frequently not visualized because we do not pay attention to them, or simply we do not want to see. From there, we think critically about political expressions that affects people leaving them defenseless and at the crime destiny, as we can appreciate in women trafficking. It is urgent to visualize those violence ways and to glimpse the scope of peace.



Exclusion violence women trafficking peace Exclusión violencia trata de mujeres paz CIENCIAS SOCIALES CIENCIAS SOCIALES

Outraged bodies and in absence. Ciudad Juarez crimes in Roberto Bolaño’s narrative and Marjorie Agosín’s poetry

Ana Quilarque Daniuska González (2016)

This article builds up a view of violence to crimes against women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, from narrative and poetical representation of two Chilean authors, Roberto Bolaño and Marjorie Agosín. In this sense, it focuses on the female body as a space traversed by practices of power, horror and impunity



Crimes against women Ciudad Juarez violence Bolaño Agosín Crímenes de mujeres Ciudad Juárez violencia HUMANIDADES Y CIENCIAS DE LA CONDUCTA HUMANIDADES Y CIENCIAS DE LA CONDUCTA

Derecho de las mujeres a la ciudad: Análisis de lineamientos urbanos del Plan de Ordenamiento Territorial del Distrito Nacional de República Dominicana desde la perspectiva de género

Leyda Mercedes Brea (2020)

El espacio público urbano constituye el escenario para el ejercicio de derechos ciudadanos básicos y esenciales, por tanto, la incorporación de una PGE en su configuración se traduce en seguridad y calidad de vida para la ciudadanía. Es por esto por lo que, un plan de ordenamiento del territorio debe considerar a la mujeres, adultos mayores y personas de distintas edades, procedencias y capacidades ya que demandan configuraciones diferenciadas de los espacios públicos que deben asegurarse desde los lineamientos urbanos. Pero, sobre todo, se debe garantizar mediante estos planes el ejercicio del derecho de las mujeres a la ciudad. En este trabajo se analizará el documento del Plan de Ordenamiento Territorial para la Capital de la República Dominicana (POT) desde la perspectiva de género. Se enfatizará en aquellos lineamientos relacionados con los principios básicos del derecho de las mujeres a la ciudad y su experiencia urbana.

The urban public space constitutes the setting for the exercise of basic and essential citizen rights, therefore, the incorporation of a PGE in its configuration translates into safety and quality of life for citizens. This is why a land use planning plan must consider women, the elderly and people of different ages, origins and abilities, since they demand differentiated configurations of public spaces that must be ensured from urban guidelines. But above all, through these plans the exercise of women’s right to the city must be guaranteed. In this work, the document of the Territorial Organization Plan for the Capital of the Dominican Republic (POT) will be analyzed from the gender perspective. Emphasis will be placed on those guidelines related to the basic principles of women’s right to the city and their urban experience.


Derecho de las mujeres a la ciudad, Espacio público; Planificación urbana. Women’s right to the city, Public space; Urban planification. Public spaces--Social aspects. Urban women. Women's rights. Espacios públicos. Derechos de la mujer. HT153 CIENCIAS SOCIALES SOCIOLOGÍA GRUPOS SOCIALES POSICIÓN SOCIAL DE LA MUJER

Mujeres indígenas y mestizas recluidas en “Santiaguito”, Estado de México. Procesos de socialización y estrategias de sobrevivencia: un análisis comparativo


244 páginas. Maestría en Sociología.

En este trabajo se realiza un análisis para identificar algunos de los diferentes tipos de mujeres que se pueden encontrar en los recintos carcelarios puesto que, ninguna es igual. Para comenzar con esta distinción entre mujeres tenemos grupos de mestizas e indígenas. Estas últimas en diversos estudios son presentadas como unas de las personas en enfrentarse a situaciones que, probablemente son más adversas que las de las mestizas, puesto que, en muchas zonas de Latinoamérica, las indígenas son vulneradas y excluidas en casi todos los ámbitos sociales, debido a diversos motivos como son: sus tradiciones, sus lenguas, costumbres, creencias, color de piel, clase social, etc. En este trabajo se pretende construir el concepto “estrategias de sobrevivencia” principalmente desde una concepción social, ya que se ha empleado en mayor medida en la economía campesina y no en entornos sociales como el carcelario. Esto nos permitirá identificar las alteraciones que se generan en los procesos de socialización de mujeres recluidas en el Centro Penitenciario y de Reinserción Social (CPRS) “Santiaguito”, ubicado en el municipio de Almoloya de Juárez en el Estado de México, y a partir de esto comparar desde su edad, condición de género, clase social y raza, cómo y de qué tipo son las estrategias que desarrollan para adaptarse y sobrevivir dentro del penal.

Master thesis

Women prisoners--Mexico. Women prisoners--Social aspects. Sex discrimination against women. Prisioneras. HV6046 CIENCIAS SOCIALES SOCIOLOGÍA GRUPOS SOCIALES POSICIÓN SOCIAL DE LA MUJER