Author: Peter Wenzl

Genomics and Genebank Workshop on the use of genotypic data to rationalize genebank collections: diversity gaps and duplicates

Thomas Payne Sarah Hearne Michael Abberton Peter Wenzl (2017)

Genotyping and re-sequencing are among a suite of tools used to enable rapid and cost-effective tool to study genetic diversity. This workshop will explore its use in the genetic curation of accessi ons within and between collection(s). With such information across global collections, it becomes possible identify the truly unique accessions across all of our gene banks, identify possible gaps in the global collection and enable more targeted access to genetic diversity. The workshop will discuss presentations from each participant on use cases. Lessons learned from initiatives such as CIMMYT’s Seeds for Discovery for maize and wheat, and CIP’s investigations on sweet potato and at IITA and CIAT for cassava will be considered.