Author: Jorge Guadalupe Arzate Salgado

Food security programs for the construction of citizenship in Mexico

Jorge Guadalupe Arzate Salgado Dídimo Castillo Fernández (2021)

The objective was to describe the food security programs implemented by the government of the State of Mexico, for the construction of citizenship during the period 2006-2011. In relation to food security programs, the contributions of Urquía, (2014), Torres, Herrera, Vizcarra and Lutz, (2015) among others were used. The term construction of citizenship was based on the premises of Foucault (2000), Bovero (2002), O`Donnell (2010) and Damián (2019). The research was descriptive, with a field design. The conclusions revolve around a weak generation of active citizenship relationships as a result of these programs.


Research Subject Categories Food security programs construction of citizenship CIENCIAS SOCIALES