El comercio ambulante: Apropiación del espacio público y gobernanza urbana en el primer cuadro de la Ciudad de Chilpancingo, Guerrero (2018-2020)


In the first square of Chilpancingo city, street vendors walk and remain in the streets to sell their goods where the control by the authorities generates a situation of submission or escape. Based on this, the present urban governance is analyzed, starring in the first place, by the governed, semi-fixed and mobile vendors; and, secondly, by the rulers: the Municipal President, the Director of the Interior, police officers, health inspectors, etc. For its realization, the use of a qualitative methodology through interviews, participant observation, management of GIS and photography is present.

Master thesis

sector informal espacio público comercio ambulante gobernanza urbana informal sector public space street trade urban governance CIENCIAS SOCIALES CIENCIAS ECONÓMICAS

Nivel de vida de los Millennials de la Ciudad de Chilpancingo de los Bravo, Guerrero


This paper shows a study about standard of living of the millennials living in Chilpancingo de los Bravo, Guerrero, Mexico. In order to calculate this index the following variables were used as indicators: employment rate, income level, satisfaction of demand for goods and services, access to goods and services, savings and accessibility to housing; in order to measure these variables, and subsequent construction of the index, the millennials living within the city of Chilpancingo de los Bravo were surveyed. Using digital resources to survey the studied population, a statistically significant sample of 383 people was chosen and surveyed with a 95% reliability and a 5% margin of error. Afterwards, using the mean value index methodology, all variables were homogenized to describe the standard of living of the population to be studied

Master thesis

Nivel de vida Millennials Ingreso Índice de nivel de vida Standard of living Income Standard of living index CIENCIAS SOCIALES CIENCIAS ECONÓMICAS