Author: Erika Saccucci

The production of precarious bodies by the racialization dispositive

Erika Saccucci (2021)

This article approaches the production of bodies in three land possession conflicts in the city of Córdoba, Argentina: Piedra Blanca, Pueblos Unidos and 12 de Septiembre. The bodies are effects of the intersection between power mechanisms, tactics and strategies of the subjects in struggle. We conducted 35 in-depth interviews and a content analysis with some discourse analysis tools. The analysis shows that the deployed main device over these bodies is the racialization that produces a greater exposure of those bodies to precariousness. At the same time, the tactics and strategies that subjects go against the device have been also analyzed. Finally, we analyze the performance of those precarious bodies, characterized by the preeminence of a racialization dispositive that involves a process of alterification and unequal distribution and administration of that exposure to precariousness.



bodys tactics strategys social conflict power cuerpos tácticas estrategias conflicto social poder CIENCIAS SOCIALES CIENCIAS SOCIALES