Author: Daniel Arturo Cernas Ortiz

The Past, the Present, the Future, and Occupational Self-efficacy: An Attributions and Cultural Differences Perspective

Daniel Arturo Cernas Ortiz (2021)

This study´s objective was to examine empirical relationships between three dimensions of time perspective (future, present fatalistic, and past negative) and occupational self-efficacy. By surveying Mexican (n = 286) and U.S. (n = 272) respondents, we also tested the moderating role of culture. Regression analyses revealed that time perspective dimensions have significant associations with occupational self-efficacy, being future time perspective more potent than its past negative and present fatalistic counterparts. Moderation analyses indicated that none of the examined time perspective-self-efficacy relationships varied significantly between the U.S. and Mexico. Overall, this study suggests that relationships between time perspective and occupational self-efficacy vary according to different temporal dimensions, that future TP is key to develop occupational self-efficacy, and that cultural values may not exert a significant influence on the time perspective-occupational self-efficacy connection.



Perspectiva de tiempo autoeficacia diferencias culturales análisis de moderación CIENCIAS SOCIALES CIENCIAS SOCIALES